The hills of vines


A fertile zone,
which produces intensely
flavoured and distinctive wines.


The Serra subzone.

Tenuta Masselina is situated in the hamlet of Serra (a subzone in the production regulations for the denomination “Romagna D.O.C. Sangiovese”), on a ridge of hills overlooking Castelbolognese and the plain between Imola and Faenza.
It is the most westerly subzone for Romagna Sangiovese, characterised by deep, fertile soils composed of
red clays.
Tenuta Masselina’s lands lie at between 100 and 170 metres above sea level, between the area of the “Ancient soils” (also “Ancient red lands”) and that of the “Less evolved soils” of Emilia Romagna.
More specifically, we might describe them as “Calcareous soils of the lower Apennines, associated in places with ravines”.
The hilly landscape here is really particular: short, straight inclines alternating with longer slopes with gradients varying between 5% and even 40-45%, the closer one gets to the ravines.

Tenuta Masselina

composition and origin

The Masselina Estate is made up of two holdings.
The one closer to the Via Aemilia is situated on top of a hill, on ancient alluvial deposits, and its terrain is less calcareous (active limestone 4-6%), with clay loam soils. It tends to crack significantly during the summer.

The holding further away from the Via Aemilia, on the other hand, has silty clay loam soils that are richer in limestone (11.5-12.5%) and moderate oxygen availability.
Tenuta Masselina’s Sangiovese 138 comes from these more limestone-rich soils.

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