The hills of vines

138 S.L.M.

Romagna D.O.C.100% Sangiovese

Area of the vineyards: 0.8 hectares
Vine training system: Cordon Spur


Production area: The hills of the Serra subzone at Castelbolognese (RA)
Soil: Medium texture, with veins of clay
Average grape yield per hectare: 6,500 kilos
Harvest: Picking by hand in crates, in the first twenty days of October


Vinification: Fermented in stainless steel, with délestage and punching down of the cap. Maceration on the skins for around 15 days
Maturation: In stainless steel
Age of the vines: 14 years old

Serving suggestions

A wine of great elegance and balance, thanks to its rich structure it goes well with grilled meats, game and stews.

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Romagna D.O.C. | 100% Sangiovese
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