The hills of vines

150 S.L.M.

Pignoletto D.O.C. Vino Frizzante (semi-sparkling)100% Grechetto Gentile

Area of the vineyards: 1 hectare
Vine training system: Cordon Spur


Production area: The hills of the Serra subzone at Castelbolognese (RA)
Soil: Medium texture, with veins of clay
Average grape yield per hectare: 12,000 kilos
Harvest: Picking by hand in crates, in the first ten days of September


Vinification: Soft pressing, clarification of the must and temperature-controlled fermentation
Maturation: On its fine lees for 60 days, in stainless steel
Prise de mousse: Re-fermentation in pressurized tanks using the Charmat Method, until it attains a pressure of 2 bar.

Serving suggestions

Excellent as an aperitif, with finger food and appetizers, but also throughout a meal. It is delicious with hors d’oeuvres, pasta or rice recipes and fish dishes.

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Pignoletto D.O.C. Vino Frizzante (semi-sparkling) | 100% Grechetto Gentile
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